Stay Connected

What are the consequences of not connecting with ourselves?


In today’s society everything is connected, with the use of nothing more than your phone you have a toolbox of infinite resources. We sometimes fail to realise that the biggest resource is ourselves and when we harness this power we can make all the difference.

A couple of events have sparked the want to write this blog.

The first being my own experience in the last number of weeks, we all face struggles in work and life from time to time and none more so when you are a leader within your organisation and family.

In the past few weeks (6-8 weeks to be precise) I had stepped away from my normal morning practices of meditation, stretching, reading, journaling or exercising to start my day. I had fallen into the trap of allowing the start of my day to consist of work emails, snoozing or worrying about what was to come.

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Employee Wellbeing: What's your Vision?

Employee Wellbeing

What’s your Vision?

Introducing Wellbeing into your workforce can be difficult, we see a couple of key elements being deciding factors in this process and today we address the first one, Does your Wellness Program provide an adequate education to employees of all ages?

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Fitvision Business of Wellbeing Podcast Takeaway tips from Tony Keohane

On the fourth episode of The Business of Wellbeing Podcast we caught up with Tony Keohane, former CEO and chair of leading supermarket chain, Tesco, here in Ireland.

 In this episode of the Fitvision Business of Wellbeing Podcast, we learn of how Tony balanced a successful business, family life and how he managed to schedule in his fitness regime, which is now a huge part of his everyday routine. We discover how Tony worked his way up the ranks in Tesco to eventually becoming the chair and how his fitness and wellbeing routines changed as his job positions and workload changed. 



Also in episode 4, we have a look at topics such as resilience, teamwork and goal setting and discuss how Tony managed to do this successfully throughout his career with Tesco as well as Tony giving us some helpful parting advice for upcoming CEO’s and entrepreneurs on what he feels is key to succeed.

 Here are 5 of the key takeaways for Personal Success from our chat with Tony:


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Readiness for Change

In our latest video, we hear Mark speak of our readiness for change and what this actually means. At some point in our lives, we want to make a change in some area of our lives. But with this in mind, what we need to ask ourselves is, are we actually ready to get the ball rolling? Are we actually ready to get up and do something to make this change happen?

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"Fear of Failure"

In our latest FitVision video, we saw Mark discuss the ‘fear of failure’ that we, as adults, have. We have a tendency not to try something new and not step out of our comfort zone because of the fear we have that we may fail at it. But what we actually need to do is, not concentrate on this fear and all that it is preventing us from doing and instead focus our energy how we can overcome it?

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The Business of Well-being Episode 2: Takeaway Tips from Fiona Flannery

On the second episode of The Business of Wellbeing Podcast we caught up with Fiona Flannery who

is CEO of DEPFA Bank plc, a financial services institution specialising in public sector finance. Fiona

is a passionate advocate of fitness and wellness in both a person’s professional and personal life and

firmly believes that employees are happier and perform better if organisations include these activities

and structures in their corporate values, internal communications and HR systems. Fiona carries this

philosophy to her personal life where she has a routine of daily exercise as well as setting herself

medium and long term personal challenges by completing several half marathons, endurance races

and professional learning programmes. As a busy mum of two boys, she is passionate that her

children are exposed to positive healthy initiatives ensuring they adopt these values and activities to

assist them to deal with the work/life stresses they will encounter in their own lives.

Here are 5 of the key takeaways for personal success from our chat with Fiona.

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The Business of Well-being Episode 1: Takeaway Tips from Alan Foy

Delving into some of the most successful companies, we want to understand the proactive steps they have taken in terms of Employee Wellness, this will provide insight into processes used and benefits achieved. We will also be looking at Leaders In the Wellbeing sphere who will discuss what the future holds in an industry of exponential growth - but yet is still met with a population with rapidly declining physical and mental health statistics. But where we will start is with CEO's and Business Owners to discuss topics such as self-management, mindset, company culture and personal wellbeing strategies.

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Energy Management Q&A Part 2

How can I manage my energy better?

We all have people in our life that leave us feeling energized, whilst some people leave you drained, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? This is one of the effective ways to look at energy management.

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Energy Management Q&A

Energy Management

Today we are going to discuss Practical Steps on how you can manage your energy.

I have picked some common questions I tend to get asked during seminars, we have started with two questions around mindset and later this week I will add common nutrition and exercise questions.

Many of us fail to read the signs of self-sabotage that can eventually lead to burn out so today we will start with tip number 1 and 2 in our short series on how you can continue to set yourself up for success.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success Part 2

Part 2

Breaking down the Areas and asking effective questions:

To delve deeper into the process of setting ourselves up for Success we need to ask ourselves some questions to find out are we truly ready to change and have we thought through our current target. As we are using a Health and Fitness goal we will stick to the 8 elements that shape our success in this area.

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Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

Reduce Stress and Increase Energy with FitVision’s top tips.

Move Well/Live Well

People who regularly exercise have better quality sleep. Many people nowadays regardless of their work status, have difficulty finding the time to start and sustain an active lifestyle. Here’s some of the benefits of taking exercise and a couple of tips on how and what to do.

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