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 Nurturing wellness in your workforce, regardless of the work environment.

Corporate Wellness - Weekly Classes, Seminars & Workshops


Our aim is to increase the optimum health of your organization's workforce. Reduce staff absenteeism, increase productivity and staff retention and ultimately increase revenue through a more productive, happier and healthy personnel.



Working with your Workforce

We run weekly classes, one-off seminars as well as kick-start workshops to help your workforce maximise their health and fitness. We tailor our programs to the challenges of your work environment, the demographic of your staff and the health goals of the individuals taking part. No two workplaces are the same - we create customised plans, so participants can embrace healthier lifestyle choices and empower them to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. 

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FitVision offers a range of group training programmes in our Ballsbridge Studio (just off Baggot Street). Perfect for anyone looking to work hard and achieve great results, in a fun and challenging setting.



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Personal Training

Individual, Customised Programs

FitVision offers individual body transformation, fitness, health and nutrition programs. We give you all the tools and advice you need to achieve the healthy body you’ve always dreamed of.

5 Pillars of Fitvision Success



To help clients grow and improve with their own personal performance, we take time to coach clients in the areas of goal setting, performance and mindfulness. 



Our programs rely heavily on the inclusion of a regular exercise regime. To accommodate to different fitness levels and individual interests, we run a number of different classes within our Corporate Wellness Programs. 


To help integrate healthy eating into busy lifestyles we provide seminars, shopping tours, cooking demos, nutrition planning and your very own recipe book with plenty of quick and easy family meals.


Many clients will feel the difference in daily energy levels, sleeping patterns and fitness once beginning the programme but it is always nice to see the numbers. Our assessments including Body Composition show you the benefits of making small changes each week and building healthy habits.


Sitting at a desk for long periods can cause poor posture, injuries and lead to discomfort at work stations. In order to correct this, we provide postural analysis, corrective exercise classes and physical therapist services in certain cases where massage and treatments may be needed to ensure a reduction in lower back, neck and shoulder pain.


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