Interactive and engaging workshops and seminars that give your employees practical advice on how they can improve their health, nutrition and performance.


Whether your organisation is a multinational or a small enterprise, we will work with you to determine what workshop will best align with your goals. Workshops can take place over a lunchtime break, an afternoon breakout or at a time that best suits your schedule. It can be a once-off workshop or a series of seminars over a number of weeks. 

Workshops can be designed to be a combination of nutrition and wellness advice, alongside exercise classes or demonstrations. Many organisations take advantage of this opportunity to marry workshops with a series of one-to-one employee assessments and goal-setting.

Sample Workshops include:

  • New-Trition and Sugar ShowdownHelping to educate employees on the most controversial topic in the nutrition industry Sugar. Looking at the latest nutrition trends and the methods proven to work to achieve optimum body composition, increase energy levels and reduce stress on the body.
  • On-Site Supermarket Tour - Creating a virtual Supermarket Tour in your office canteen. Employees successfully navigate the
    supermarket and maximise results.
  • Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn Quiz - An engaging hour of Wellness based fun where we aim to educate staff members in a competitive team setting with prizes and giveaways on the day.
  • Run-Vision - A Workshop designed to show runners of all levels how to improve technique and maximise performance. During the Workshop attendees will be taken through Mobility Drills for pre-run warm up, followed by a Full Body and Core Strength Routine and finishing with post-run Foam Rolling and Stretching Routine.
  • Exercise Express: The Ticket To Optimum Results -Discussing the importance of balance in your exercise routine to ensure maximum
    results in no longer than 30 minutes per day. Teaching effective training methods suitable for all fitness levels  raise your attention to the common pitfalls and mistakes associated with working out.
"Since incorporating the FitVision Corporate Wellness Program into our Dublin offices, we have seen fantastic results from the very beginning. Mark and his team developed a customized plan to meet the ever-changing schedule of TDS. Across multiple departments, it is evident that the working environment has lifted, with more positive and bright-eyed staff around the workplace."


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