Offering an Onsite and Online Solution to Employee Wellbeing

Employee Well-being is a rapidly growing industry and the health of our employees is becoming more and more important, we are also seeing staff retention becoming an issue for many with an ever growing competitive corporate market. Following over 10 years experience working on the ground with Companies and studying the culture and habits of employees, FitVision have partnered with Altada Technology Solutions to launch a brand new corporate technology solution. FitVision Technology will combine the onsite programming with a new online platform to ensure that all employees have a resource to help improve mental and physical health and we can capture the effectiveness of our well-being initiatives.

FitVision Technology Team

Mark O’Reilly

Mark is one of Ireland’s most sought after health and wellbeing coaches, helping people from all walks of life to transform their body and mind. A qualified Executive Coach, personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Physical Therapist, Mark’s advice, skills and results are second to none earning him an impressive reputation within the Health and Wellbeing industry. Mark is also founder of FitVision Training Limited, an industry leader in onsite Health and Wellbeing Programs. The FitVision Team work with some of the UK and Irelands biggest companies running year round Wellbeing programs.

Allan F. Beechinor

Allan F. Beechinor, entrepreneur and Founder, Altada Technology Solutions, Group CEO Advanced Metadata and Adaptive, has 20 years of technology experience in Data Governance, transformation, AI and Data Science, Founding member of Algo Data Analytical and Altada: AI, RegTech, FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech and Blockchain technology solutions. Working closely with University College Dublin, MSc Data Science internship program, key contributor University Limerick Artificial Intelligence Master program Allan is a member of the Artificial Intelligence Thought leader Group of Ireland, AI foundation and IDA blockchain industry leader group.

Johannes Ahlmann

With over 12 years in the IT industry Johannes has an extensive background as Principal Mobile Developer and Lead Researcher at Dell EMC, and as Head of Data Science at ScrapingHub. He has delivered software development and project management on large mobile applications with over 60k active users at EMC, has extensive experience with developing and delivering mobile web, cross-platform mobile and native mobile applications, and has rolled out various Machine Learning solutions for Content Personalization and Predictive Analytics.