Helping you achieve your goals is our goal.

Our team builds strategies, systems, and processes to help you create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

FitVision is continuously growing in size and with it, the quantity of qualified and talented trainers to help deliver the engagement, education, encouragement and evaluation effectively to meet your team's goals is growing also.

Our trainers are highly qualified in all areas of Corporate Wellness.


Our Team

Mark O'Reilly  Fitvision

Mark O'Reilly

Mark is one of Ireland’s most sought after Health and Wellbeing Coaches, helping people from all walks of life to transform their body and mind. Mark’s advice, skills and results are second to none earning him an impressive reputation within the Health and Wellbeing industry. A qualified Executive Coach, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nutrition Coach and Physical Therapist, His encyclopedic knowledge puts Mark in the perfect position to help his clients achieve their individual goals.

From a young age Mark has been dedicated to sport, health and fitness, playing soccer at a professional level both domestically and internationally. However, his true passion lies in helping people achieve their true potential. For Mark, health and fitness is not just a job but a way of life and he continues to not only challenge his clients but also himself. An accomplished tri-athlete, Mark completed his first Iron Man triathlon in 2014 and qualified for the World Championships that same year. Following on from this Mark has taken 20 plus clients through their first triathlons.

"I feel very privileged to be involved in an industry in which I can make positive changes to people’s lives on a daily basis. I'm helping people to transform not just their bodies, but their mindsets. The impact a strong healthy body can have on a person’s overall wellbeing is incredible."

Mark's current clients include Paul Marchant CEO of Primark, Alan Foy CEO of Blueface and Fiona Flannery CEO of Depfa Bank. Check out what they find are the benefits of the program.

Mark is very actively involved in his clients’ journeys and takes great personal pride when they reach their desired result.

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Shannen is a qualified personal trainer, physical therapist and professional dancer. Having been involved in sports, fitness and dance for a number of years and the opportunity to work in around the globe in India, London, Europe and Los Angeles. Shannen combines one to one training and nutrition consultations for individual targets and delivers high intensity group sessions, focusing on strength, conditioning, core stability and her speciality Dance Fit classes. Her passion is simply to be active, help encourage and inspire all ages to achieve a healthy lifestyle through the art of movement, fitness, mind-set and wellbeing.




Karl has an extensive background in many fields of sports and utilises his knowledge of training, nutrition and physical therapy when working with clients. Karl believes that an individualised approach is key in optimising long term sustainable results.

After spending many years as a competitive sportsman, Karl now drives his passion for health & fitness into delivering quality classes and seminars in a corporate setting. He truly enjoys helping businesses at the top of their field to improve both their physical and psychological well-being, allowing them to perform more effectively and efficiently in the workplace. 

As a manager within the FitVision team, Karl understands that unity and togetherness is what gives us the best chance of achieving that common goal. He takes this same approach when working with clients in the studio and in corporate settings.

"At FitVision we pride ourselves on having a positive impact on our clients, educating them on the fundamentals of leading a healthier, happier, and more effective lifestyle."



When you meet Marta you will soon realise that her approach to fitness is infectious. Through her own dynamic energy she wants you to experience the power that a healthy body, together with a healthy mind, will free you from stress and strain of our fast paced lives.

Marta is a fully qualified personal trainer bringing a wealth of experience to her role within the FitVision Team. Her passion is driven by her commitment to her client’s total well-being. She strives to help clients define and identify their own personal goals, and to design a comprehensive and sustainable programme that can be easily achieved, working around your lifestyle.

Marta’s proven approach is derived from her own personal experiences. Her combined knowledge of fitness and nutrition enables her to offer a complete package that includes her belief in the importance of fitness for mind-body harmony and ultimately... to feel great!




Cameron is a coach through and through. Previously a competitive soccer player and swimmer, he has gained an outstanding seven years in coaching both of these sports.

Now a Corporate Account Manager at FitVision, his desire to improve and encourage people to fulfill their potential can be seen clearly when delivering our Executive Wellbeing Programmes.

Using his expertise and professionalism in the areas of nutrition, training, recovery and mindset, Cameron's goal is to impact the efficiency, happiness and resilience of the workforce in every company he works with.

"Corporate Wellbeing for me starts way before an onsite workout. We spend our days working in high stress environments and it is, for me, about educating our clients in how to view physical and psychological challenges as a good thing, a way for a person to adapt and grow. There is a direct correlation between building a physical resilience and its impact on our psychological resilience. We are making employees stronger and happier."

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