Our mission is to deliver programs that empower you and your workforce to reach their optimum level of health.

"There is strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness leave, lower staff turnover and boost productivity. This is good for employers, workers and the wider economy."

IBEC KeepWell Mark

Customised Plans tailored to your corporate environment, culture and goals.


We develop a schedule that incorporates your company calendar. Each program is tailored to your workforce and their unique requirements, demographic and work environment.

Our team will sit down and conduct a thorough and insightful plan, with your specific timetable in mind, in order to execute the effective delivery of our program in a time efficient manner.

Our clients range from large tech multinationals, medium-sized manufacturing facilities to lean start-ups. Whether you need to organise an ongoing wellness program, require in-house gym and facilities management, a once-off health seminar and wellness day or a full wellness retreat, we can build a plan to achieve your vision.

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IBEC KeepWell Mark

IBEC The KeepWell Mark

We can help your company implement systems and processes to achieve IBEC's The KeepWell Mark.

"Ibec wants to promote and prioritise the wellbeing of employees and this can be achieved by organisations working towards better standards through The KeepWell Mark. Further- more, research amongst employees in Ireland shows that the majority are more likely to stay longer with employers who show an interest in their health and wellbeing."

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