Get qualified and accredited staff to help you plan, design and run your inhouse gym and wellness facilities.

Gym Management

We work with companies of all sizes to help run their inhouse gyms and ensure that not only are employees getting maximum benefit from this resource, but also good health and safety standards are being maintained. We also run in house classes for companies alongside personal consultations. We can work with your company, your current facilities and your corporate goals to devise a tailored plan that works towards a healthier, happier and ultimately more productive workforce.

As well as Gym management, we can offer a wide range in classes such as:


Facilities Planning & Design Consultations

With experience working with some of the most successful local and multinational corporations in Ireland and the UK, we have expert knowledge on what makes a great company fitness and wellness facilities. We can work with architects and general contractors to help bring facilities to life, help you refine your plans to ensure that the most important elements are in place and avoid the most common pitfalls. 

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"6 in 10 people are likely to stay longer term with employers interested in their wellbeing" 

Behaviour and Attitudes ‘Wellness in the Workplace’.