Executive Wellbeing Program

A Program to help you reach your highest potential.


The key to maintaining a high level of performance is managing your Wellbeing.

The FitVision Coaching System, gives you the tools you need, to achieve the focused mind and healthy body that will help you excel. The program is built to provide you with a framework to help you succeed in both your personal and professional life.

Personal Consultations Mark O'Reilly

Introducing the Executive Wellbeing Program

The FitVision Executive Wellbeing Program is based over either a 16 or 8 week option, building healthy mental and physical habits into busy lifestyles for lasting change.

Have you tried and failed with an exercise goal or sticking to a healthy eating plan?
Are you reaping the lasting rewards that a healthy lifestyle provides?
Do you feel you are currently working to your highest potential?
Have you got access to a support network of like minded individuals?

If not FitVision can help, set up by Mark O Reilly following 10 years of working with high performing business men and women across Australia, U.K. and Ireland. Mark has seen the effective impact of correct coaching when it comes to Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits. The Executive Wellbeing program is based around building healthy habits into busy lifestyles for lasting change. The program takes place over either a 16 or 8 week period depending on the option chosen and is supported by Fitness Technology in the form of an App to ensure you are in regular contact and guided through every step of your journey. We will also provide clinical based testing in the areas of Cardiovascular Health specifically looking at Activity, Sleep and your Stress Recovery Balance over the 16 weeks with the help of our partners FineTune.

Regular Exercise and improved nutritional intake when balanced with the right recovery protocol helps improve all aspects of your life, including work productivity, energy levels and mood. This is the foundation of our program.

Taking Control of your Health & Lifestyle


The Program


  • Clinical Grade Assessments with FineTune.

  • Personal 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions with Mark which will focus on building the right approach for your current lifestyle and environment.

  • The sessions will include a mixture of Exercise Prescription, Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Coaching.

  • Group Sessions will be held for the 6 Executives and these will be used to discuss the topic of leading yourself and others.

  • Following the program the aim is to give you the tools to take control of your Health and Lifestyle to have a serious impact in your professional and personal life.

  • Setting personal targets, exercising regularly and eating effectively for your body to maximise performance. The coaching model enables you to build the foundations to excel into the future.

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16 Week Program


  • 2 Clinical Grade Assessments with FineTune Week 1 and 16.

  • 8 personal 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions.

  • 4 Group Sessions.

  • Access to Webinars, PDF’s and the FitVision App to help support your progress.

  • The Next Step: Planning for the Future (Additional Group Session).

    Price: €2000

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8 Week Program


  • 1 Clinical Grade Assessment with FineTune Week 1.

  • 4 personal 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions.

  • 2 Group Sessions.

  • Access to Webinars, PDF’s.

  • The Next Step: Planning for the Future (Additional Group Session).

    Price: €1150



Setting Targets & 
Personal Strategies.

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Building Exercise, Nutrition and
Mindset Habits.


Exercise Prescription Session and Nutrition Coaching tailored to your goals.

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Health Assessments at the start and the end of your program.


Build the foundations to excel into the future.



"Working with Mark O’ Reilly has become an essential part of my week as Mark’s holistic approach to personal development in terms of lifestyle, diet and stress management contribute to all aspects of my wellbeing.  Mark is very focused and enthusiastic about his profession.  He has encouraged me to push my training in a way that I would not have done on my own.  I completed my first triathlon within 12 months of training with Mark and definitely feel healthier and stronger thanks to his encouragement."

Fiona Flannery  - CEO DEPFA Bank 


Join the Executive Wellbeing Program

There are limited places available for our Executive Wellbeing Program. If you are interested in joining the program, please express your interest and we will send current availability.