Corporate Wellness Programs

Nurture your employees toward optimal health and performance with a better approach to corporate wellness.


Nurturing Wellness

Whether you’re a global operation or a startup, the cost of employee wellness is an investment that pays off in many ways. It’s been shown that when employees create new healthy habits, performance improves, at work and everywhere else. Working with everyone from large multinationals to small enterprises, Fitvision has been leading the way in workplace wellness.

Our employee health solutions come to life through a combination of wellness services, workshops and seminars, technology, fitness facilities, and performance staff.

More than Weight Loss

Exercise helps improve all aspects of your life, including work productivity. Being productive and alert at work can help you get your job done faster and even make you more eligible for a promotion. If you don’t exercise regularly, you could be putting your health – and your job at risk. Along with improving your optimum health, it improves overall mental health and helps prevent illness.


“An analysis looking at 42 corporate wellness programs found a 25% reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, a 25% reduction in health costs, and a 32% reduction in workers compensation and disability costs.”

Introduce Wellbeing into your Workplace


Duration : 4 weeks

Includes :
• 1-to-1 personal health assessments
• FitVision Health Seminar
• Optional on-site exercise classes
• In-house company challenge
• FitVison Exercise & nutrition guide for each employee

Prices start at €800


"I had the pleasure of working with Mark from FitVision on the 2017 Irish Life Health Workplace Fitness Challenge campaign. Mark supported the campaign with relevant fitness and nutrition content and exercise classes and talks to several participating corporates.

Mark’s work was greatly received and encouraged participants to improve their physical activity during the work day and ultimately improve their fitness level."

Dana Blaga, Marketing Communications Specialist
Irish Life Health



Case Study - Primark

“Since FitVision have commenced the wellness programme in Primark, I have certainly seen an impact in culture around the office with a more productive and vibrant environment. They have had some life changing transformations already with some of our valued staff members which gives me great pleasure in recommending them and their programme going forward. For me it’s the daily feedback I get from colleagues on how encouraging Mark and the trainers are which ensures me that they are providing an excellent service.”

— Paul Marchant, CEO Primark

  • 100% of Primark participants felt the Wellness Program has added to the engagement and culture of the work environment
  • 100% of participants are encouraged to continue with the program based on the benefits they have felt
  • Before commencing with Fit Vision, 30.77% of Primark participants expressed Poor Fitness Levels. In a follow up survey, this number has reduced to 0% of participants.

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Tailored to your Unique Corporate Environment

To facilitate the busy schedules of your personnel and encourage participation, many corporate clients prefer having an onsite option.

Fitvision can carry out all elements of the programme on-site regardless of available fitness facilities. Classes, Seminars and body assessments can all be carried out in your location, with FitVision providing all equipment.

Customised Plans

We work to your schedule.

We develop a weekly schedule that incorporates your company calendar. Each program is tailored to your workforce and their unique requirements, demographic and work environment.

Our team will sit down and conduct a thorough and insightful plan, with your specific timetable in mind, in order to execute the effective delivery of our program in a time efficient manner.

“I would strongly encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to incorporate FitVision Corporate Training into their working week. It’s tailored to those of us who lead busy professional lives. Over the last 15 months I have lost well in excess of 4 stone of fat and I have transformed my body shape, energy levels and lifestyle. As a result, FitVision has positively impacted myself and my colleagues overall performance in business life. Having huge amounts of more energy and a confident, positive attitude definitely impacts your professional results!"

BlueFace – Alan Foy (CEO)


The Benefits of Corporate Wellness

  • Employees in poor health take 9 more days of sick leave over healthy employees.
  • Employees in good health are 3 times more productive than employees in poor health.
  • Employees that exercise on a daily basis are more alert during work hours and less likely to get tired during the workday.
  • Healthy employees are able to concentrate more on their jobs and make 60% fewer errors than employees in poor health.
  • If an employee will exercise at least once a week, they can reduce their average number of sick days from 10 to 5.

Sample Corporate Exercise Classes include:

The 4Es of Fitvision



Throughout the programs, our dedicated trainers ensure all participants are educated on correct fitness forms to beneficial nutritional information and top tips on maintaining an active healthy lifestyle.



A full evaluation procedure through pre- and post- program surveys and consistent feedback requests throughout gives us the capability to deliver the most appropriate program for your team in order to see the best results. 



No matter the activity, we ensure that all participants are getting the attention they deserve. We create a pro-active and engaging environment for clients all levels of fitness. We also target events which all members can take part in to help boost morale and welcome new members.



In and outside of the workplace, Fitvision hold ourselves accountable for motivating and inspiring participants of our programs to continue maintaining a positive lifestyle and making smarter choices for their health.