Nurturing Wellness

Whether you’re a global operation or a startup, the cost of employee wellness is an investment that pays off in many ways. It’s been shown that when employees create new healthy habits, performance improves, at work and everywhere else. Working with everyone from large multinationals to small enterprises, Fitvision has been leading the way in workplace wellness.

Our employee health solutions come to life through a combination of wellness services, workshops and seminars, technology, fitness facilities, and performance staff.

More than Weight Loss

Exercise helps improve all aspects of your life, including work productivity. Being productive and alert at work can help you get your job done faster and even make you more eligible for a promotion. If you don’t exercise regularly, you could be putting your health – and your job at risk. Along with improving your optimum health, it improves overall mental health and helps prevent illness.


“An analysis looking at 42 corporate wellness programs found a 25% reduction in absenteeism and sick leave, a 25% reduction in health costs, and a 32% reduction in workers compensation and disability costs.”