Readiness for Change

In our latest video, we hear Mark speak of our readiness for change and what this actually means. At some point in our lives, we want to make a change in some area of our lives. But with this in mind, what we need to ask ourselves is, are we actually ready to get the ball rolling? Are we actually ready to get up and do something to make this change happen?

The first step we need to take is to identify our ‘core area’. We need to know exactly what it is we want to change. The next thing we need to do is ask ourselves some important questions about our readiness for change in this core area. The important thing that needs to be highlighted here is that, it is only you can answer those questions.

For example, in our video, we saw Mark assess the issue of a resilient mindset. This is the core area. Now the questions we need to answer on this resilient mindset and to make progress on it is to ask ourselves, ‘do I adapt a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?’ By doing this it allows us to do 2 things- identify our core area and answer questions truthfully so we can do something to make a change.

For example, if you have growth mindset, there is no such thing as failures, only lessons. If you have a fixed mindset, you make decisions based on other people’s opinions and you compare yourself to others. What we need to identify is the fact that for change to happen successfully for us, we need that growth mindset. We need to adopt this growth mindset in correlation with our own goals and nobody else’s. If we are willing to commit and we are able to reframe past events, we can change future outcomes. Once we can do this, we can begin the process of change. Another useful tip is to have a look at our blog, ‘Setting Yourself Up For Success, Part 1’ where we look at key questions in relation to 8 important areas of life. These questions can be the starting point when assessing your core area. How do you answer those questions? Are you ready for change? Check it out at

Readiness for Change:

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