Client Appreciation- Elaine Campbell

Introducing Elaine Campbell as our Client of the Month. Elaine has been training with FitVision for approximately three years, works in a challenging role, travels frequently and has two children, not to mention recently completing the Clontarf Half Marathon!

We are proud to recognise Elaine’s hard work, enthusiasm, commitment and motivation.

Thank you Elaine, keep up the hard work and enthusiasm!

Here’s what Elaine has to say about what motivates her to exercise, how she manages her wellbeing with a busy lifestyle and some useful advice to learn from.

What motivates me to get up early & exercise?

When I set my alarm for a 6:00 am gym session, I need to make sure I am fully prepared, gym gear ready, bags packed etc… so I have no excuses in the morning.

I know if I don’t go in the morning the chances of me getting to the gym later in the day are pretty slim so I really need to remind myself on the mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed how good I will feel after my session. Sometimes I can only manage half an hour but that feeling of having been up and done my workout is one of the best feelings ever. Even at the weekend I try to exercise early so I can really enjoy my day ahead!

I also set myself goals for the week ahead, I plan the days I will workout and what I intend to do at the gym, once I write it down I will rarely back out of my plan!

I highlight in my diary of all the sessions I have done for the week and how I feel after each session and love looking back at this on a Sunday night at what I have achieved.

Managing wellbeing - what does this mean to me:

I’ve been actively managing my wellbeing for the past few years as I work in a busy job, travel and have two kids. My wellbeing is so important to me.

It could be so easy for me to not workout on the days/weeks when it is busy but I need to remind myself of how & why I exercise - I feel great and look so much better!

I eat really healthy through the week and then enjoy treats over the weekend knowing that I’ve had a good week exercising.


I got back into working out three years ago with FitVision and my commitment has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I only started running last year with 5k run clubs & did my first ever half marathon last week, the feeling of achievement was unreal and it amazed me what your body really can do!

Mark also gave me some amazing advise not that long ago and it’s something I pass onto others - on those days/weeks when you don’t want to workout because you’re feeling tired/stressed, try to remind yourself on why you started exercising in the first place and the feeling that it gives you and I always think of that now on the days I am feeling less motivated. It’s so true, the only workout you will ever regret is the one that you didn’t do!