The Business of Well-being Episode 1: Takeaway Tips from Alan Foy

The Business of Wellbeing Episode 1:


On the first Episode of the Business of Wellbeing, we caught up with Alan Foy, CEO of StarBlue, Blueface and Star2Star which operate a proprietary technology platform and provides enterprise communications in Europe, North America and Asia. If you have yet to listen to our podcast, I highly advise you set aside 20 minutes of your day to do so as Alan shares great insights into personal and professional success. In the meantime I have extracted 5 Key points that Alan left us to consider in the areas of Mindset and Self-Management.

Planning is Key

Alan certainly inculcates an attitude that planning is priority, with the extended air miles he collects through the week, he ensures that with correct planning he can incorporate exercise, sleep and well needed downtime into his routine. Alan’s method stems from a process of block booking time for all the important areas outside of solely his work. Essentially scheduling meetings with himself and sticking to them which leads us to the second point commitments.


Commitment is Key

 You may have heard the famous Peter Drucker quote “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans.” If you plan to exercise 3 x 60 minutes per week you need to commit and not let your other commitments derail your physical health. When we are time poor and under pressure the one commitment which withers is the one we make to ourselves. We will always find a reason not to exercise but it is in this challenge where we draw on and improve our mental and physical strength. Until the new habit is formed this will feel uncomfortable, embrace change as it is the key to new behaviours.


Your “Why” is Key

The person with a “why” can withstand almost any “what, how, where and when”. Alan references how critical it is to understand your “why” in all areas of your life. The key behind true inspiration is understanding why you have decided to do what you are doing, exercise certainly falls into this category. For a time before Alan had made exercise a regular part of his weekly routine he hadn’t truly experienced the benefits both physically and mentally, committing to a regular routine helped transcend these benefits to both his personal and professional life and offered a true understanding of why it was now something to prioritise.


Knowing your Goal is Key

 Many of us enter a new year with a goal, but we tend to leave these unwritten or neglect revisiting it on a weekly basis nor do we assess every step and allow for a change of course as the year unfolds. Alan is someone who puts a high priority on setting goals in the most important areas of his life and making it his business to check in on a weekly basis. Our circumstances can change in an instance and this can have a ripple effect on certain areas of your life. Be clear on your goals in the most important areas of your life career, family, friends and health and write them down, describe them and bring them to life.


Challenges are Key

 Alan mentions through the podcast that Life is not something that can be looked at through rose tinted glasses, life will be difficult and full of challenges but it is how we react to these challenges is where all the magic happens. The key to the most successful people is they realise this fact and ensure they maintain a core base that allows them to deal with any challenges they may come across. Alan in his parting advice urges us to force ourselves out of the comfort zone so many of us find ourselves in and embrace life’s challenges. This is a sentiment that I need to constantly remind myself of as it can be easy to coast, get comfortable and this does not mean you’re not to enjoy the ride, by all means live everyday to the max but remember it is in the uncomfortable where we grow, adapt and cultivate a growth mindset.

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Mark O Reilly