Reaching Your Healthy Goals

Mindset and Recovery

>  Set goals and work towards attaining them. Sometimes it’s the working towards the goals where the magic happens, and habits are built.

>  Use to-do lists. Taking time to map out your priorities and what you need to get done gives you a sense of control.

>  Watch less TV. Pick what you really want to watch and make a pact to turn the TV off at other times, don’t mindlessly watch TV.

>  Try meditation think of it as taking a few minutes to yourself to just breathe and unplug from everything around you.

>  Exercise your brain, read books, do crosswords or other brain games.

>  Sleep better. If you’re not waking feeling rested, try going to bed 5 minutes earlier every night, until you get to the magic number of hours of sleep for you. Try not to use your phone an hour before going to sleep to help your body feel ready for bed.

>  Totally switch off occasionally. Leave your phone behind and from time to time try break complete reliance on technology.

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