3 Simple Steps to Success

“If information was the answer we would all be billionaires with six packs.”

I came across this quote on a podcast from Tim Ferriss which I would highly recommend and it really resonated with me in terms of people chasing a Health Goal. With over 10 years’ experience working one to one with clients I have seen some common reasons why people fail and then struggle to reframe those failures as lessons to progress. During this short blog I am going to give you 3 Steps to help you succeed but what I want you to remember is that it is not enough just to fuel your body with good nutrition or to exercise regularly. We need to take time to train our thinking and remember to let our thinking dictate our feelings and not the other way around in order to succeed. 

Be Present
As much as we want you to begin with the end in mind and have a BHAG ‘big hairy audacious goal’ it is still important to be present.
What I mean by this is that you need to live each day and be present, often thinking too far ahead even to some mundane tasks that need to be done next week can impact our mindset. Commit to living in the moment and enjoying each day, it will enhance your self-awareness and enable you to stay in power, not become overpowered. 

Adopt a Growth Mindset
Have you ever caught yourself saying any of the following?

“I was never sporty in school so that’s why I don’t workout”
“I’m not good at a certain task so why would I even try”
“Things like that never happen to me why would I even bother to start”

If you have, well this is what we call a fixed mindset with self-limiting beliefs. I want you to aim for a Growth mindset which is reframing situations into positive language.
A fixed mindset comes from the belief that your qualities are carved in stone – who you are is who you are, period. The belief that various characteristics such as intelligence, personality and creativity are fixed traits, rather than something that can be developed.
A growth mindset comes from the belief that your basic qualities are things you can enhance through effort. It is the belief that everyone can change and grow through application and experience.
By flipping the above statements around you are training your mind to see situations and challenges differently and most importantly your self-confidence and self-esteem will rise when you start to truly value yourself.

Make Progress with your Process
I want you to switch your thinking from outcome mindset to process thinking. The mind is the vehicle that essentially helps us arrive at the destination. How are you currently treating your vehicle? Are you filling your psychology with negative self-talk daily? Do you think it is not having an impact? Well if so you’re only fooling yourself!
What measures are you taking each day to help you get a little closer to your end goal as it’s the process that will get us there.
I want you to do two things following the reading of this:
1.    Be honest with yourself and write down 3 things you say regularly to yourself that you know are doing you more harm than good, file these under the heading of Self-Limiting beliefs and I want you to take that statement and turn it into a positive and file these under the heading of your new found empowering belief so it could be as follows,

Limiting Belief
I would apply for that promotion, but I am probably not ready or have the skills required, I will go for it next time when I get more experience in my current role.
Empowering Belief
I am going to apply for that promotion as even the process of applying will stand to me and I will learn and improve on all the feedback I will receive, I have belief in my ability.

2.    Establish what values are important to you in your life, what characteristics do you admire in yourself and others, list these and commit to ensuring they show up from today? 
Finally ask yourself are these values showing up in the two biggest areas in your life, personal relationships and work and if not, what measures do you need to take?

For more information on the above please feel free to contact Mark@fitvision.ie

mark o reilly