Energy Management Q&A

Energy Management

Today we are going to discuss Practical Steps on how you can manage your energy.

I have picked some common questions I tend to get asked during seminars, we have started with two questions around mindset and later this week I will add common nutrition and exercise questions.

Many of us fail to read the signs of self-sabotage that can eventually lead to burn out so today we will start with tip number 1 and 2 in our short series on how you can continue to set yourself up for success.


• How do I build Mental Strength?

The best way to look at this is in the context of how you respond to events in your life when you are actually in the moment, whether it’s a business meeting or the middle of an exercise session. Are you skipping that last rep when nobody is watching, are you hitting that snooze button too often or are you refusing to accept feedback for what it is, to help you improve not a personal attack.

Also, one big question is how we are actually speaking to ourselves, remember you are your own CEO yet most of us speak to ourselves in a manner that we would not except if it came from anyone else. One key to building mental strength is positive self talk, have you got some positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis? If not, this is the first step to building mental strength, but the key is it must be consistent.

• How do I motivate myself to achieve a goal?

Remember you will never motivate yourself to do something that you truly do not want to do, I like to talk about building reliance not motivation. Resilience in essence comes from an understanding of your purpose and a clear vision that has been shaped by our life experiences. When you understand what your own personal plan looks like it can arm you with the tools to overcome any obstacles but if you have not taken the time to explore this, you will continue to repeat phrases like I just lack will power, self drive, motivation whatever the words are they all come back to your understanding of what you value as success in the next 6 months to a year and beyond. If you do not yet know what this looks like I advise you to begin with the end in mind, choose your final destination and start to design the steps and plan to get you there.



mark o reilly