Setting Yourself Up for Success Part 2

Part 2

Breaking down the Areas and asking effective questions:

To delve deeper into the process of setting ourselves up for Success we need to ask ourselves some questions to find out are we truly ready to change and have we thought through our current target. As we are using a Health and Fitness goal we will stick to the 8 elements that shape our success in this area.

Last week we asked you to rate each area and this week we are going to look at a selection of questions in each area to identify which is the core area that we need to work on first, this will be the one that has the biggest impact on whether or not we achieve our goals. Once this is identified and worked on we can then start to target the other areas over the coming weeks with the same process.

So here we go I want you to look at your Success Wheel and in the following areas consider each of the 3 questions below. No matter how you rated your initial wheel I want you to go through all question and then decide which area is of most importance.

1. Mindset:

• What is your current belief system, am I entering into this with a Growth Mindset? (No Failures just lessons)

• Will I judge my success or failure based on what I see others achieve or base it on other people’s opinions?

• How long am I willing to commit to this project?

2. Health:

• What is my starting point? Beginner/Intermediate

• Do I need professional health and fitness advice this time round?

• When was the last time I got my fitness levels or body composition tested?

3. Exercise:

• How many days am I currently exercising?

• Does my training plan match my Goal?

• Do I know enough about exercise to do it on my own?

4. Nutrition:

• Are you eating for energy and to fuel your body or are you eating based on emotions?

• What do I need to actually eat to achieve my Goals?

• Do I understand how to read a food label?

5. Time:

• How much time is my own? (Add it up)

• Do you actually have time at your disposal to focus on the Goal you have set? (Write it down)

• In the long term is your goal time manageable?

6. Recovery:

• Are you getting adequate sleep? (7 hours per night)

• Are you aware of the rest you need between sessions?

• Do you give yourself breaks from work through the day? (Short walks, Meditation, Reading)

7. Finances:

• What will be the spend on health and wellness each week/month? include gym membership, trainer/coach etc

• what is your budget on your weekly grocery shop?

• How much does this then leave for other discretionary but important activities? (Cinema, meals out etc)

8. Friends and Family:

• Have you got the support system and accountability in place to help keep you on track to achieve this target? Have you told them your target?

• What friends are pulling you back and which ones are pushing you forward?

• Remember doing this for yourself is ok, do not feel guilty for wanting to improve yourself in any area of your life, those who love you will support you and reap the benefits of a new improved version of you.

Action Steps: I want you to buy a notebook in which you can jot down your answers to the above information along with what your current goal is. The key is to make this current goal and target clearly defined in your mind and now we are starting to build the process which will enable success.

mark o reilly