Setting Yourself Up for Success Part 1

Week 1

Setting Yourself Up for Success

The key to setting ourselves up for success is having a clear vision and ensuring the vision is self-fulfilling, offers us a sense of balance and that we are committed to the process. I am always encouraging clients to begin with the end in mind, know what the destination looks like and work back from that destination. Once we have done this it is important to Assess the Here and Now, today I am introducing you to the first step in effective goal setting and we are using a Health and Fitness related goal as our example.

When we have decided on our clear vision and destination we need to break down the elements that will lead us to achieving that goal, this is called setting yourself up for success. When we consider a Health and Fitness Goal the elements that lead to a triumphant process our rooted in the following 8 areas.

1. Mindset: What is your current belief system, are you self-motivated?

2. Health: What is your starting point?

3. Exercise: Do you exercise 5 times per week?

4. Nutrition: Are you eating for energy and to fuel your body or are you eating based on emotions?

5. Time: How much time is your own, do you have time at your disposal to focus on this Goal?

6. Recovery: Are you getting adequate sleep, rest between sessions and breaks from work through the day?

7. Finances: What will be the spend on health and wellness each week/month, what is your budget on your weekly grocery shop?

8. Friends and Family: Have you got the support system and accountability in place to help keep you on track to achieve this target?

Action Task: This week I simply want you to rate where you feel you are out of 10 in each of the areas when you consider your current goal. This way we will be able to start realising your strengths and weaknesses at present and give you direction.

Next week we will take this a step further by introducing powerful questions in each of the 8 areas.



mark o reilly