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Last year, one of our clients Triona McGinley set out to complete her first Triathlon with the help of FitVision.

Triona kept us updated with her own series of diaries as she progressed along her successful journey.

Be inspired by Triona's story, check out the diary entries, how she set her goals and demolished them!

My Triathlon Diary Entry 1


Last February 2015, I began training with Mark O’Reilly, the owner of FitVision Dublin.

I had always liked the idea of being healthy as a way of living but did not fully understand what being healthy and how to be healthy actually meant, hence the reason I began my training with FitVision.
Marks amazing encouragement and knowledge brought me on this journey.
We started with slow steps as the weeks went by and I noticed that my health, body and mind started to feel so much better and to my surprise, I was actually enjoying the feeling and I was looking forward to the early start, 6.00 am sessions and the statics!!
Mark’s motivation keep me going at all times.
Fast forward, one year later I am training for a triathlon on the 24th June 2016, yes I might be slightly crazy but it is so exciting!
My next big challenge is to learn how to swim.
Following Mark’s training plan for the next number of weeks, I will keep you updated on the progress, my thoughts and what the journey involves.

Triona McGinley



My Triathlon Diary Entry 2

This week’s training:

My structured approach this week is as follows:

It really has been such a busy work schedule with a great deal of traveling along with a social event this week so I need to set suitable sessions around my training not to hold me back.

As I am learning to swim, the front crawl is proving to be a challenge, so that was my priority this week. I spent two days in the swimming pool, really working on my technique and I am delighted with the progress I’ve made so far!

I spent two hours on the bike currently on the indoor turbo and have also did two strength training sessions this week also, I feel the strength training is key to help keep the body injury free and a massive help with areas such as core strength.

I am seriously delighted as I managed to run my first ever 14k (a little slow but that’s OK), an achievement I never thought I would complete in my entire life!

I’ve been enjoying my training and having fun along the way.

I will keep you all updated.

Triona McGinley 


My Triathlon Diary Entry 3


Understanding the balance of training and social events can be really challenging.

This week, I was off to Portugal for a long weekend so I made sure I planned to get my two training sessions complete, training in the sun made it so much easier, (unfortunately Mark had advised me that dancing is not part of the training plan).

Once I returned from Portugal, I was straight into training a 10km run, TRX class in the amazing Primark fitness studio and also a one hour swimming session, great feeling of progress!

Looking forward to week 4 training plan already.

Keep you posted.

Triona McGinley



My Triathlon Diary Entry 4


What a very enjoyable week, I am definitely making a huge progress!
Firstly we had a Monday run with the Primark team which saw an early start on Monday at 6.46 am with the running club under the watchful eye and motivation of Mark and we finished the 10km in under the hour which I am thrilled to achieve.
On Tuesday I did the TRX combo training in the Primark exercise studio where the trainer Stephen pushes you to the limit.
Tuesday afternoon I practiced my swimming technique, it's all about gliding in the water which is not the most natural feeling for me.

Wednesday, red eye flight to London
Fast forward to Saturday and my I achieved my first 40km cycle in 1 hour 50mins, what a fantastic feeling.
Sunday shopping time but not my usual shopping experience, purchased a wet-suit now that's an experience not for the faint hearted!!

Keep you posted,

Triona McGinley


My Triathlon Diary Entry 5


There is only 6 weeks left to the big event (triathlon)!

The training is currently stepping up into 5th gear, planning and focus are my new words.

Much to my surprise, I am truly enjoying the whole experience.

I had no travelling this week which was great and the weekend just so happened to be sunny and beautiful!

My weekend consisted of the following training:

-Saturday 10km

-Sunday   40km  

I swam for over 3 hours in the pool over two evenings.

On Thursday I participated in the Primark staff relay 5km run in the Phoenix Park, the fun element to my training plan.

Friday, an early start at 6.00am doing strength training with Mark in FitVision studio.

Sunday is the next milestone on my journey, my first open water swimming, this will test the wet-suit and myself!

Looking forward to week 6 - if the survive sea!!


My Triathlon Diary Entry 6


With just 5 weeks until the big day to go.
I had such a fabulous week training :)
Sunday – My first open water swim at sea point, I was extremely nervous!!
To my great surprise and to Mark’s, it was a success. The wet-suit worked and I can swim (slowly but that's ok).
The swim was the most energising moment and one I would highly recommend to anyone.

Here is my week’s training log.

Monday - 10km run to Phoenix Park with my Primark gym buddies.
Tuesday - in door cycle - 1hr 30mins
Wednesday - back in the pool, my first 1.5 km swim complete feeling much more confident.
Thursday - In door cycle 1hr 30 mins
Friday - 6.00 am great weight training class with Mark at FitVision
Saturday - rest day feeling the effects of the training and a late night at Bruce Springfield!
Sunday - back training on such a fabulous day which makes it so much easier.
39km cycle on the bike and then into a 5km run straight away. 
This felt amazing, I will definitely sleep tonight.

Keep you posted as always.

Triona McGinley


My Triathlon Diary Entry 7


4 weeks to go, it’s all very real now! What an extremely busy week.

Most definitely one of the most challenging on this journey but I survived to tell the tale.

Where to begin….

Monday – 6.30am, tough class with Stephen from FitVision nonstop 45mins kettle-bells and core class where you feel the pain – a good type of pain.

7.45am – sea point open water swim with Mark from FitVision, this was the real test, 40 mins continuous swim, delighted with the result.

Tuesday – 6.30am, 10km in the Phoenix Park with my Primark gym buddies.

7.30pm – 8.30pm, back in for a swim at the pool.

Wednesday – Morning bike time, 1hr and 30mins complete.

Thursday/Friday – Extremely busy day at work.

Saturday – Wow, what an amazing day. I completed my 1st triathlon in Athy in preparation for Galway on the 24th of June. 750m swim, 20km cycle, 10km run.

The best feeling ever!

Lots and lots of learning for me, the biggest one how to find your bike in a field with 1600 bikes that all looked the same to me J

When it got tough, this is where the guys motivation from FitVision got me through!

Stephen – “You’ve got this!!”

Mark – “You’re ready!!”

Oh and the celebrations after!

Survived another week, now onto next week.

Triona McGinley


My Triathlon Journey and the Finishing Line!!


The plan: Olympic Triathlon 

1.5 Km swim /40km bike /10 km run

When I started this adventure last October this day felt so far away, now it had arrived, all the hard work had to pay off and I needed to set myself up for success!

7.30am start and off we go 

The swim - I am not a fast swimmer nor am I a stronger swimmer but I had a plan, yes, no shame, the odd boggy paddle breast stroke was required! The sea conditions where challenging but I survived!

The Bike: The winter turbo training and the spring hill rides paid off.

The Run: Adrenaline and the early morning Primark run club kicked in.

This amazing journey truly proved a few things to me:

You truly get back what you put in.

Your mentality will make or break you!!

The power of positive thinking is a necessity!

I have an amazing circle of friends that supported me on this journey. 

And last but not least, the million dollar question – What next?

Triona Mc Ginley 


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