Top Tips for Tackling Sugar

The main reason we are now facing an obesity crisis is sugar and the over-consumption of carbohydrates mixed with bad fats.

I find with my clients that the guys who get the real results are those who begin to pinpoint where in their diet they are consuming sugars and carbohydrates.

Once you are aware of what foods contain sugars – and I don’t mean the obvious ones, I’m talking about the foods we never expect to have high sugar contents like the healthy flavoured water or the granola we eat every morning for breakfast, the sneaky sugars and carbohydrates – you will make smarter choices and see far greater results.

Below we have provided you with the top 10 tips to tackle sugar. I have elaborated on each in detail below but even if you just take in the top 10 tips you will notice a profound effect at this stage.

mark o reilly