Resistance Training

5 Benefits to Resistance Training

Resistance training is the form of activity which adds the most benefits and can be completed in the shortest space of time.

Here are 5 Benefits to Resistance Training:

1) Bone Strength: Resistance training and impact will improve bone density making the chances of osteoporosis much less likely while also allow your skeletal system the tools to complete day to day tasks much easier resulting in a greater quality of life.

2) Higher Metabolism: A huge bonus to resistance training is the calories expended by the body in trying to repair and fuel the muscles that have been placed under duress with higher metabolism being a direct result of constant physical activity.

3) Stronger Muscles: Injuries are the result of weak connective tissues, ligaments and tendons all of which are tested during physical training demanding the body to evolve and grow stronger and more capable to reduce the chance of such injuries occurring.

4) Prevention of Chronic Conditions: such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression and obesity.

5) Boost Self-confidence and self-esteem: Taking control of a portion of your day and accomplishing a physical feat will empower you and evoke a feeling of progression while improving your body image and your mood

mark o reilly