Karl’s Top 5 Tips For Staying On Track Over The Weekend

1.       Get your workout/exercise in early – weekends can be hard to stay regimented with our training but getting it in early ensures that you don’t decide to put it off until “tomorrow”.

2.       When eating out, be wary of dishes with rich sauces as they tend to be very calorically dense and can throw you off your daily targets. Instead, opt for a more calorically friendly meal or even ask for a sauce on the side so that you can control how much you use.

3.       If you are planning on indulging in food and/or alcohol, try to add in some extra cardio such as a 20 minute brisk walk or a run. The calories you burn in doing so will give you some leeway when it comes to that after dinner desert.

4.       Alcohol – If you are drinking mixed drinks, try to opt for a zero calorie diet option. Regular soft drinks are high in sugar and easy to overindulge in. Instead of having 6 pints, try to only have 3. Generally the clearer the liqueur, the less sugar and calorie content. Why not opt for a gin & tonic?

5.       Make sure you keep track of your food intake via the FitVision Nutrition App or the FitTracker Diary. It is easy to turn a blind eye over the weekend but keeping track of your food will hold yourself accountable and will help with staying with your daily targets.

6.       Finally, relax, unwind and have fun! Weekends are a time to let loose and shake off any stress. Keep in mind some of these tips to help you stay on track with your current targets and goals, ensuring that you enter the new week on the right foot.