Maintaining Habits

Last week we did up a blog on Building Habits, this week lets take a closer look at Maintaining Habits.

To recap on last week:

A habit is something we do regularly without consciously thinking much about it. It is an automatic mental and behavioral activity. Habits make it possible for us to do things without spending much mental effort. They make everyday life possible.

Many people try desperately to break bad habits. Dieting is the most well known example: it is an attempt to break the habit of eating too much or eating the wrong sort of food. A lot of the time we are performing these bad habits without even realising it, they become so ingrained in us. For example checking Facebook or Instagram and procrastinating from our most important tasks.

If we take this approach to good habits we want to introduce in our lives and commit to spending enough time on each habit to make it a regular occurrence over time you will replace these existing habits which are negatively impacting mind and body with habits that fill you with energy.

With a small amount of initial disciple, you can learn to not only build good habits but also maintain them.

It is vital to understand that a few simple adjustments to your current routine can yield big results.

It's easy to initially build a healthy habit, but the real challenge is trying to maintain habits and stay motivated.

Here are FitVision's Top 6 Tips to help Maintain Habits, these six tips will help you maintain and pursue new challenges to improve your health and fitness.

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mark o reilly