FitVision – Sunday Business Post

FitVision recently featured in the Sunday Business Post on “How SME’s are using technology to change the way they do business.”

At FitVision, our market is corporate training, we have some top companies that take Corporate Wellness Programmes seriously and invest in their employees’ health and wellbeing.

So is using technology the key to success for SME’s to reach their target audience?

As the founder of FitVision, I believe it definitely works for us. As the Sunday Business Post quotes, “In cases such that of FitVision Apps and automated services can take over where size might have held a company back, existing in a virtual space, no one needs to know.”

Having started my career as a fitness trainer and semi pro footballer, I identified a gap in the market between standard Corporate Wellness Programmes and the rise of apps and personal health trackers. I then moved to Australia where I also worked as a personal trainer and semi pro footballer, however I noticed how advanced Australia are with combining technology and fitness and I thought this is something that could work in Ireland.

Our aim is to build healthy habits for busy lifestyles, our central goal is making fitness a part of everybody’s day to day life, hence the importance of specialised technology.

For example; FitVision have created an App that members can download to engage and motivate them while on the go, this works best for both the client and the trainer as the trainer can go into the app to check if the client has logged and done the workouts.

We engage in regular social media updates to interact and encourage members to stay fit and healthy, posting workouts, nutrition tips and useful facts.

Listening to feedback also plays a vital role in motivating and encouraging clients. We recently sent out online surveys to several corporate client groups including Primark to research the trends, attitudes, behaviours and incorporate feedback into our training plans.

We are a team of four and since we specialise in Corporate Wellness Programmes with large clients such as Primark who have over 700 staff members, the app gives our business a unique flexibility.

Our programmes can be tailored to experts and beginners, fitness enthusiasts and novices alike. Users are more likely to stick to a programme developed especially for them, for instance we offer 4, 6 and 8 week programmes for businesses which include training, workouts, cooking demos and nutritional advice.

Not only are our programmes effective for healthy eating and working out, the wellness element to the programme improves morale, reduces stress and creates new friendships in the workplace. Some large organisations may not know other departments internally, by joining a wellness programme at work, is creates opportunities to build relationships and motivate each other.

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mark o reilly