Guest Blogger – Sandra Byrne

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue to do much exercise, however this is when I actually began my training with Mark from Fitvision. Not only did it help me physically throughout the pregnancy, without question it helped me mentally aswell.

A woman’s body shape changes so much over the nine months and between hormones, tiredness, cravings and various other elements it can be daunting at times wondering will your waistline ever look anything like it did before, will those skinny jeans ever go up your legs again or will you be able to button up your favourite jacket across your ever expanding bust and rib cage! I was lucky in that I felt well throughout my pregnancy and I genuinely looked forward to my sessions with Mark.

I definitely had far more energy and felt stronger than I had first time around where I did virtually no exercise other than walks which then turned into waddles!

Eight or nine weeks after the birth of my son I returned to personal training with Mark. With Mark’s encouragement, help and expertise I started to see results.

The tyre around the tummy began to reduce, energy levels increased slowly and I started to feel stronger and grew in confidence that I could indeed squat lower and lift heavier.

I’ve only ever had stats taken once before many years ago and I didn’t enjoy it. When Mark suggested doing them about ten weeks after labour I recoiled in horror!

Next week see what I now think of stats day….

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