Guest Blogger – Emma O’Farrell, Entry 1

 I have been running my own business for just over two years now. It's been an exciting time and can only be described as a rollercoaster with its ups and downs as it can be quite challenging.  

I run EOF MEDIA & the ever evolving BLOGGERCONF which is now a big part of my business. This has a lot of spin off clients for me too so I am always on the go, always running from one place to the next and always thinking ahead.

Running your own business has many positives but also its share of negatives and can sometimes come with an incredible amount of anxiety and stress. For me personally,  some days I'm on top of the world and other days, I'm full of self-doubt and anxiety-especially is I see something on social media that heightens this anxiety that I'm feeling. It is important that I must stay healthy both in mind and body. The perils of self-employment, if I am ill then I am not earning.

I cannot stress enough to mind and be aware of your mental health although I have never been one to publicly show my dull days, people need to know that not everything is always peachy! It can be difficult at times, on top of meeting clients’ needs, growing my business, planning BLOGGERCONF and finding time to switch off and live my life too. I tend to always be working and never fully switch off which can be really draining. 

For me, training with Mark is a necessity. I feel when I don't train, I don't have the same energy both physically and mentally as when I am in my workout routine. My routine usually involves weight training twice a week for 30-45 minutes per session and a boxing class on Saturdays. Working out doesn't just make me feel better, but it helps my sleep, and motivates me to try to eat cleaner-(I'm nowhere near perfect on this by the way!)

Training increases my positive outlook on my work, gives me more confidence in my abilities and it's something I really look forward to. Mark will be the first to tell you though in the sessions I'm not always so happy...but I know that a weights session will kick-start those endorphins when I need that extra boost.

As mentioned above, I sleep better from training in FitVision, I have a much better quality of sleep which keeps me focused, motivated and helps combat stress and mental fatigue. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when my workload will become chaotic and although I thrive on a heavy work load and I will get it all done, I will still make time for those essential workouts!

Positive energy starts right here with my workout, it's the source of my creativity and determination.

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