Alcohol – Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

To reduce the chances of gaining weight from drinking alcohol, follow these tips:

Men and women are advised not to regularly drink more than 14 units a week, which is equivalent to six pints of average strength beer or 10 small glasses of low strength wine.


• Alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water – this will help to prevent you becoming dehydrated which is one of the main ways of avoiding the next day hangover.

• Don’t drink on an empty stomach is another key If you do reach for snacks while drinking, opt for a healthier option – choose raw nuts or oatcakes with hummus instead of crisps or chips and skip the chipper on the way home, pre prep a healthy snack for when you get home.

• One tip I use myself is not to drink in rounds, drinking in rounds can mean you end up drinking more than you intended. Opt out and drink at your own pace.

• Try cutting down with a friend, as you’ll be more likely to stick to it with moral support.

• Eat a healthier dinner before you start drinking, cook before you start drinking so you’re not tempted to go for the less healthy options.

• Avoid binge drinking – it is not advisable to “save up” your units to splurge at the weekend.


How Many Calories Are In Your Drink?

With a pint of beer the same as a packet of crisps, and a standard bottle of alcopop the same as three teacakes, the calories from alcohol soon add up.



mark o reilly