How To Motivate Yourself and Never Stop Improving


With the help of a friend I have changed my approach to aiming to achieve my targets and I would like to share it with you.

Problem: setting your goals using targets has a main limitation. Once you attain the target, you relax and you stop improving

Solution: replace targets with streaks


How it works

1.     Define 1 goal you want to focus on (e.g. increase monthly revenue, lose weight)

2.     Define 3 activities that, if performed, they will help you attain the goal (e.g. call customers, share compelling and informative blogposts, etc.)

3.     Print a big A1  calendar ( it will cost around €20, if you are in Dublin, do an excellent job for this)

4.     Hang it on wall and strike the day with a big red marker if, and only if, you performed the tasks during the day, ALL the three activities that you listed at point 2

5.     Mark the streak length on the cell corresponding to the current date

6.     Keep doing this every day

7.     If you are not able to perform the three activities… you lose the streak! So you have to mark it with a black dot that day, and reset the streak length.


Benefits of this approach:

1. The streak never ends, so you never stop improving

2. You focus on actions instead of numbers

3. The higher the streak, the higher its value, the more you will be compelled to perform the actions that correlate with your objective


All the above is based on the "Seinfeld strategy" you can find more details here



mark o reilly